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How do I enter INCEIF and get my scholarship from INCEIF


This entry was dedicated to Md Abdul Momen and to those who might have same questions with him

Hi. Congrats on your admission to INCEIF. Would u share your exp on scholarship interview?
What was the requirements to get the full scholarship (cgpa, experience), the questions/test they asked. how much allowance. Thanks


First and foremost, i sincerely apologized for my "not-so-good" English

but I'll try my best to answer your questions

Scholarship interview

For master n phd programme, there will be 2 interviewers *subject to changes

But, for CIFP programme, there will be 4 interviewers *subject to changes

I'm the first candidate for Master's programme interview session

As usual, they will ask you to tell your background

While you are talking, they will look at your essay and result transcript

Note : You need to submit your essay together with your application form earlier through INCEIF website*

Since the first interviewer was my lecturer for Research Methodology subject, so he is quite interested to know "what i had learnt about Statistic subject during my Degree programme"

Then he asked me about "What do i know about Islamic Capital Market"

Since we are applying for Master or Phd in Islamic Finance, so it is good to know a little bit about Islamic Capital Market

The first interviewer will ask you something related to your result transcript

He will go through on what subjects you have taken before and he will ask you based on what you have learnt

For the CGPA, i think the minimum requirement is 3.30

I don't know the exact requirement on CGPA

But mostly who get the scholarship scored 3.45 and above for their CGPA

Another important thing is, they really looked into your English

For further details, you can click on this link

What about the 2nd interviewer???

emmmm.................. He just asked me "Why do you choose INCEIF?"

Then, when i spoke, he rarely looked at me -__-

He just concentrated on his laptop. Hoho

Then...... he gave A LOOOOTTTT of advises to me (he mentioned on how tough the environment for postgraduate studies would be n he asked me to be prepared)


For me, i think i wasn't performed well during my interview

I've forgotten what i had learnt during my degree. LoLz

When the 1st interviewer asked me on Islamic Capital Market subject

I took 1 minute to think, then i started to answer "What i know a little bit about Islamic Capital Market is......" then he interrupted " How come you say "a little bit" because this is what you had learnt before".....


I just gave him a nice smile :D

Then he continued "Looks like you forgot everything"  :P :P :P

After that incident, he shifted the question to my essay

I want to be a he asked "For the last semester, you have an option whether to write a project paper or substitute it with 2 elective subjects. For your opinion, which option is the best for you to be a lecturer?"

I answered "Research Paper"

He asked what topic do i interested?

Then, i think this answer was my savior!!

"I'm interested to do my research in Islamic Capital Market area in sukuk. As my readings, Muslim's population in GCC countries are more compared to Malaysia, but their sukuk market are far way behind us. So i want to know the reason behind all this. I think it is something related with their policies..."

Then the 2nd interviewer finally showed his face

"Do you know why???? because sukuk in Malaysia is actually a bond (conventional bond)"

Just put a smile after he gave his opinion :D

Emm... i think that is all about my interview session

For master n phd programme, all of the candidates came from different background

They are more more more intelligent and better from me

For scholarship, i think they take a look on your background

If you are working, having a good salary, and quite stable, they rarely offer you a scholarship (i think so...emm, i also asked my classmates, most of them are quite stable in their job)

 I'm a fresh graduate, n during my interview i stated that i'm working but they did not asked my position. Maybe they look at my Degree. For your info, i have degree in Islamic Banking. I have no other working experience except during my 6 months internship at Tabung Haji.

I don't know... maybe they tend to offer scholarship for young people because some of my classmate who get the scholarship are within my age (23-26)

Well, it's just my guess. Don't take it seriously.

Just perform well during your interview n show your interest to continue your study at INCEIF

Most important thing is, please get a lot of information about Islamic Finance because it shows your determination and passion towards this field

Oh..there is no allowance! The scholarship will only cover the tuition fees which is RM20,700 and you have to maintained CGPA 3.3 for every semester, otherwise you scholarship will be held back

*but now they offer quite a number of scholarships. Go and check their website

That's all i guess...

To make it easier for you...i'll summarize the process to enter INCEIF and get the scholarship

1) Go through INCEIF website

2) Submit your essay through the website "Career Goal Essay with 500 words or less"

3) Wait for their answer by email and phone call

4) Done! just follow what they have said 

Good Luck!

If you have any inquiries, just drop them an email or make a phone call. They are very friendly and InsyaAllah they give quick response :D

Or you can send me an email:

Hope this information will help you and those out there

Really sorry for the late reply 

*To remind you, this post has been written on January 2013. There might be a changes regarding on their scholarships offered + terms and conditions. Please check INCEIF website, ok dear =)


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Perkembangan Terbaru Saya


Tajuk nak macam artis je

Macam la ada orang kisah perkembangan terbaru aku


Lama benor tak update

Harini nak update secepat yang boleh

Perkembangan terbaru saya skrg adalahhh

Alhamdulillah saya berjaya sambung master di INCEIF dengan full scholarship

Tak ramai yang tau INCEIF ni apa

Hanya org yang betul2 berminat dalam Islamic Finance n Islamic Banking akan tau apa tu INCEIF

Saya dalam bidang Master in Islamic Finance

Tapi tak boleh terlalu gembira sbb nak success dlm master bukan macam degree n diploma

Masa dulu main2 , tido2 dan ponteng2 dalam kelas pun boleh score

Tapi skrg kalau tak dtg kelas maka anda sedang menempah kegagalan~

Pointer utk kekalkan scholarship mesti CGPA 3.30

Kurang dari tu scholarship akan ditarik

Dan kalau ditarik, saya rasa mungkin saya tak sambung lagi

Jadi harus berusaha walaupun malas

Saya sebenarnya masih malas nak sambung

Tapi atas sebab "kalau nak ikutkan malas sampai bila kita nak berjaya"

So saya lawan perasaan tu

Syaitonnnn je perasaan malas2 ni

Dan saya juga agak segan nak masuk kelas

Sbb kelas master akan bergabung dengan student PHD

Kebanyakan mereka adalah org bijak pandai

Segan sikit la saya

Harap2 dapat classmate yg boleh ngam ngam soy dengan saya

Amiiinnnnn :D

Dan harini saya dan rakan2 baru je selesai urusan untuk PTPTN

Nak buat pengecualian dari bayaran duit pinjaman masa degree

InsyaAllah kalau permohonan berjaya saya bebas hutang!!!!!

Mudah2an dipermudahkan. Aminnn

Ok dah habis update

Esok kuliah master saya yang pertama!

Harap2 semuanya ok

Kalau ada benda yang menarik, saya akan citer dekat sini

Ok babai!

Doakan saya cemerlang dunia akhirat!

InsyaAllah :D

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cerita Konvo Part 3 : Hantar Jubah (Last Episode Finally)


DATE : 3 DEC 2012

Waktu ni nak pulangkan jubah

Kenapa tak pulangkan waktu konvo?

Sebab malas nak bersesak2

 Dan memang nak balik cepat masa hari konvo


Hantar jubah dengan Saidong n Paare si comok

Sebelum hantar kitorang sempat amek gambar dekat padang n balapan UiTM 

Macam takde keje, tapi ni kan last pakai jubah UiTM

So gunakan dengan sebaik2nya

Kitorang plan nak amek gambar dekat signboard konvo yang besar depan DATC

Tapi malangnya kitorang sampai lambat n orang2 yang konvo pagi tu dah keluar dewan

So ramai betul orang!

Sila saksikan gambar2 terakhir pemakaian jubah UiTM 

 Nak jugak feeling2 baling mortar

 Saidong terlampauu syok posing sampai menutupi wajah saya di belakang

 Haaa! yang ni tak paham nape si comok beraksi sebegitu rupa.. nape badan dia kelihatan panjang? adakah dia melutut dengan kedua2 belah kaki -_-

 Sedang berbincang aksi apa yang perlu dilakukan di pintu gol

 Adeh..tak nampak muka -_-

 Action Carmen!


 Si comok bergaya seorang diri

 Tak paham motif gambar ni

 Sedang membebel

 UiTM~~~ Usahaaaa Taqwaaa Muliaaaa

Tamatlah sudah 3 episod pasal konvo

Sebelum mengakhiri episod konvo ini

Saya persembahkan..

Sebuah aksi dari Si Comok di pintu gol

Motif aksi itu hanyalah untuk menunjukkan gaya pemain2 bola sepak ambik gambar

Saya dan saidong masih lagi malu2 untuk beraksi

Tapi Si Comok sangat yakin!  

Lalu mempersembahkan aksi ini

Si Comok paling kanan

Hanya Si Comok beraksi yakin dengan mengangkangkan kaki beliau

Si Comok adalah peminat tegar Bola Sepak

Mungkin dari situ Si Comok mendapat idea utk beraksi dengan penuh semangat dan menggambarkan aksi sebenar pemain bola sepak


Selepas melihat gambar, Si Comok ada menghantar msg kepada saya

" Gambar dekat Pintu Gol aku sorang je yang ganas! sume orang berlagak ayu! mencik!!"

Sori Si Comok~


P/s : Legaaa dah habis entry pasal konvo. Sape suro berjanji nak buat. Kan dah rasa terhutang kalau tak buat..

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cerita Konvo Part 2 : Hari Konvokesyen (2 DEC)


Sebelum rasa malas nak update makin menguasai diri

Baik update cerita cepat2

To paare : nah tengok gamba comok ko lagi (comel + gemok) hahaha

TIME : 7.30 PAGI - 11.30 PAGI

Pukul 7 pagi lagi saya dah bertolak keluar rumah

Takut lambat nanti tak boleh masuk dewan pulak

N tak sempat pula nak bergambar awal2

Sampai je kat UiTM Shah Alam

huuu banyaknya kereta!

Lepas je parking terus berjalan pegi arah dewan

Masa ni kena naik 2 kali tangga

Masa naik tangga pertama, lepas! walaupun pakai wedges yang tinggi...alhamdulillah tak jatuh


Saya dah lama tak pakai high heels sejak saya tak berapa sihat dulu

Masa naik tangga kedua...dah separuh tangga naik pastu...................................








"PRAPPPPPP!!!! KELEPUK KELEPUK" (hapedaa punya bunyik)

saya dah pelik dah apa yang bunyi ni

Sekali tengok kaki kanan

Tapak wedges dah tercabut!!!

Gambar Ehsan dari Google

Kenapa terlalu awal dia tercabut! 

Gambar kat atas tu macam sikit sangat tercabut nyeee

Kasut saya tercabut macam ni ha!

Gambar Ehsan dari Google lagi

Bukan sikit ok..dah separuh tapak!!!!

Masa ni ok lagi...mak ayah dah kelam kabut nak pegi beli kasut lain

Tapi macam menyusahkan je

Saya cakap "takpela, ok lagi ni"

Haahahahaha! Ok sangat!

Time nak pergi beratur ikut angka giliran terpaksa jalan slow2 n macam takde apa2

Kalau la ada orang perasan kasut tu mesti dia cakap 

"Kesian budak ni"

Dah sampai belakang dewan,


"Ape nih?" 

Tapak kasut saya tercabut lagi sebelah


Kiri kanan tercabut separuh

Jalan jela dengan penuh bangga...

Kadang2 jalan terpaksa seret2 kasut

Dah macam orang kurang upaya dah

Masa dalam dewan dah pk2 macam mana kalau naik pentas ni

Nanti sume orang tengok! maluunuyeeeeeeeeee

So saya keluar dewan n mintak urusetia tukar kasut


Akhirnya dapat high heel yang baru!!!

Walaupun kasut tu buruk..dah terkopak sane sini kulit dia

Tapi pakai jela sebab tapak dia ok

Kalau saya pakai kasut saya, tetiba jalan atas pentas tapak tertinggal kat belakang kan ke malu -_-

Dan saya turun pentas dengan selamat!

Tapi sebelum habis penyampaian skrol saya dah pulangkan kasut siap2

Nanti pulang lambat kena bayar

So lepas tu masa sesi bergambar dengan member2 n mak ayah pakai je kasut yang usang tu

Oh! teringat pulak

Masa saya nak ambik kasut saya balik dengan urusetia, saya cakap

"Kak, saya nak amek kasut saya balik"

Akak tu jawab " Oh..awak! ha ni bagi adik ni kasut dia"

Then kawan akak tu jawab "Yang dah hancur ni ke?Boleh ke ni" -_-!

Saya pun cakap "Haah.Takpe boleh.hehe.."  (buat2 ketawa senang hati sambil pakai KASUT HANCUR)

Terus pakai, cakap terima kasih n masuk dewan balik

"Kasut yang hancur" dia kate -_-!

Hancur pun hancurla

Patut la sebelum konvo ada terdetik nak beli high heel baru

Tapi masa tu tanak beli sebab tanak membazir la katekan

Kasut lama ade lagi

So kepada rakan2..

Sila check kasut anda dulu sehari sebelum pakai ke mana2 majlis

Kasut yang dah lama tak pakai akan reput ye tuan2 dan puan2

Jadi untuk tidak membebel lebih panjang lagi

Sila saksikan....

Gambar2 konvo bersama kawan2 tersayang!

Oh...gamba2 ni semua dengan Geng2 UiTM JB

Dengan dak2 UiTM Kedah tak amek pun.


Mane ntah dorang sume pegi

Ni la paare yang comok tu

 Atim paling kanan memang sibuk dengan hp

 Dari kiri : Shakira, saya, Paare, Atim, Saida, Nadia, Mai

 Si Comok tengah betulkan mortar

 Kawan2 saya yang comel + Cantik

Muka dah berpeluh! bernyimak! hahaha

 Tengokla atim tu sibuk ngan hp lagi

 Si Comok punya jubah dah senget benget. HAhaha

Terharu bila ada atin dan Awe datang!!!!! yang depan skali tu dari kiri Atin, Nani dan Awe! Rindu Naniiii!!!!!!!

 Bila lagi nak bergambar ngan diorang macam ni. Konvo dah habis dah :(

Akhir kata






Si Comok dan Family nye :D


p/s : Gambar saya dengan family takde dalam pc. Tp ada dalam frame besarrrr kat rumah! wuhuuu!

p/s/s: Ada lagi satu entry pasal konvo. Nak try habiskan malam ni jugak

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